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    • EG Zelderp

      I'm trying to get a hold of any of the lts in Vanquish. Trying to run an impromptu branch practice tonight. 
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    • EG sportstj25

      Happy Friday Hope everyone has a great wkd if anyone wants to play Black ops lll hit me up
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    • CG Rio

      Best Custom Game Night Yet!! Thanks Everyone!!!
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    • MaliciouS ChArM

      So excited to be apart of this community!!!!
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    • FYAmarshalCRAKA  »  EG MCKINZIE HC

      Commander Module 4

      1.       Commander has power to removed from community
      2.       Life blood of community
      3.       Standards of community
      4.       Set tone of community i. e direction you set for members
      5.       Ability to create  teamwork
      6.       Able to make adjustment to lead team to success
      7.       Constantly evaluating situations to help develop a productive branch
      8.       Being able to involve members to produce positive results within the clan
      9.       Setting goals to help the branch thrive
      10.   Want the ability to have chain of command flow smoothly from higher ups all the way to members
      11.   Want to keep members active and a way to do so is to set up smaller challenges or goals

      Team Building

      1.       Mission- has a goal been clearly communicated
      2.       Content- present the status of goals ; identify problems that have come up; pros and cons of mission; play devil’s advocate to prepare for various outcomes
      3.       Commitment/ buy in/ what’s in it for me*(WIFM)- motivation for members/ incentives
      4.       Competence- does the team have the appropriate skill set or knowledge to lead the team. Must have trust of team to be able to lead effectively.
      5.       Control- function of property of equipped. Practice of accountability of leadership
      6.       Collaboration- team members working together with a common goal or cause in mind. Approach goals  together and cooperate to achieve goals
      7.       Communication- are members clear about goals of task, open communication to develop goals and members can give feed back without retribution
      8.       Outcome or reward- feeling accountable for goal results
      9.       Coordination- leaders must be able to coordinate  members to achieve goals, have a pathway set up for members to follow
      10.   Change- course of direction to shift a positive result. Leaders have power to impact and adjust an outcome.

      Pay attention to the small things and the larger things will fall into place.
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